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Melatonin Supplements

What Are Melatonin Supplements?
The hormone, Melatonin, with a chemical name N-acetyl-5-methoxtryptaiminne, is a hormone that naturally occurs in plants, animals and man, and even in microbes. This hormone helps in the regulation of the daily schedule of how the body works i.e. the circadian rhythm. It is produced partly in the stomach and intestines and made from a naturally occurring amino acid, tryptophan, in the body.

Melatonin Supplements

What do Melatonin Supplements Do?
Melatonin tablets are used for things including treatment of some cancers, treating withdrawal from Benzodiazepine and sleep disorders which include treating insomnia, recovering from shift work, getting over jetlag. Following are some information on some of these topics.

Jet Lag Treatment
Travelling between different time zones usually disrupts many people’s body rhythm and so when travelling they get jet lag. These disruptive symptoms can be lessened and gotten over if they take melatonin beginning from the day they arrive at their new time zone. It also helps them sleep better without them being tired during the day. It may not work for everyone though as it is reported to help in about 50% of the time.

Shift Work and other Sleep Disorder Treatment
Since it has been found to enable some people get to sleep easier and faster, it is currently being studied for the treatment of other sleep disorders. Melatonin helps with sleeping basically because it helps in the regulation of ‘wake and sleep’ cycles of those who use the product.

Treatment of Cancer
Although more and more studies are currently being conducted to determine whether melatonin can be used and is reliable in treating some forms of cancer and the extent to which it can do that, it has currently been found to help in treating some tumours, especially cases of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

Skin protection
Melatonin can be used as a type of sunscreen when used in a topical formation, to aid in protecting the skin from being damaged by the sun.

According to some studies, people with depression symptoms can be helped by using melatonin as it raises the levels of serotonin in the body.

Types of Melatonin Supplements on the Market
In the U.S, melatonin is not considered a drug as it usually sold as a dietary supplement. And though the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate dietary supplement, they however, require them to have accurate labels and be contamination free. Melatonin can be bought online, at health food stores, grocery stores and from drug stores.
It is usually sold in strengths of between 1 and 5mg as a pill or mixed with other ingredients to be sold as a topical cream, drink or as food.

Melatonin Side Effects
The most common side effect it has are reduced blood flow, grogginess during the day, nausea, irritability, itchiness, faster heartbeat, vivid dreams, lower body temperature, mood changes, and headaches. Though considered safe for the majority of people, it is still recommended that it should not be taken for any more than three consecutive months.

Melatonin Reviews
The product has been rated a four out of five star by’s customers saying it has helped them with their sleep related issues. For some, melatonin helped them feel refreshed during the day as they were able to get more sleep at night. Others reported that they’ve been able to get rid of insomnia since they were using melatonin and now stay asleep longer and even sleep faster.
While suffering insomnia myself, I used melatonin and from my experience I found anything above 2mg made me have strange dreams but at 2mg, I slept well. There are those who reported a chalky taste in their mouths. This depends on the form used and the brand but overall, it is well received by the majority of people.

Studies by Experts
Harvard University carried out a research to test the effect of melatonin on breast cancer with 147 people who had cancer being given melatonin while a control group of 291 who didn’t have cancer were also given melatonin. It was discovered that within the time frame of the test, those who had the least amount of cancer were those with the highest levels of melatonin.

In McMaster University, Canadian researchers found out too, that there was a reduced incidence of death among cancerous tumour patients who took melatonin for about a year as opposed to those who did not.

The bottom line here remains that besides treating sleep disorders, a lot more studies needs to be done on other issues melatonin can be used for. And on why it affects people differently as it doesn’t always work for everyone. If, however, you are travelling overseas and are anticipating some jet lag or you are currently suffering from any sleep related problem, you can try using the dietary supplement, melatonin, to better prepare for your day or get some rest.

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