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How Melatonin Works

How Melatonin Works

The hormone, melatonin, helps in the regulation of the circadian rhythm which is a biological function which enables the body know when it is time for sleep or for activities. This rhythm functions close to a, or on a 24 hour cycle. The predominant way of activating melatonin is through its receptors in the body.

Unlike some other antioxidants, melatonin doesn’t promote any free radical production or formation through the process of redox cycling. And according to recent research, this makes it a more powerful antioxidant than many others.

It is currently being studied for treatment of Tinnitus, obesity, problems of the gallbladder, Bipolar disorder, Autism, headaches, Seasonal Affective Disorder and cancer with its anti-cancer properties and effects being very promising.

According to a study on weight loss carried out on mice, it was found that melatonin improved weight loss results without any exercise or changes in diet.

Overall, melatonin can be a very useful supplement for anyone having some common ailments and any sleep disorders because of its diverse functions and because it is very safe.